Friday, 21 October 2011

The Tree House Connection

As an e-book writers, most of my marketing is done through blogs, Facebook and Twitters. I wanted to connect with real people today so I visited The Tree House Connection, a cafe in Ulladulla NSW, for a bit of writing, chatting and coffee drinking.

On my table I set up my laptop, business cards, postcards and a framed cover art. I chatted with Catherine, a poet from Canada. It was a quiet day so I got a lot of editing done on my second novel.

The owners of this store are commited to selling products that are sustainable, upcycled and recycled. The furniture, jewelry and clothing is either hand crafted or vintage.

One of my favorite pieces on display were these notebooks made out of recycled vinyl LPs.

Out the front of the store a local band played though this was a quiet day. Normally there are loads more people.

  And I couldn't resist buying this timepiece before I headed home.

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