Friday, 27 April 2012

The Devil is in the Detail - author guest post

The Devil is in the Detail - author of The Bird With The Broken Wing, D L Richardson, guest posts on Amberkatze's Book Blog

A writer colleague of mine, Brinda Berry, recently wrote on her blog that people were starting to suggest story ideas to her. Nothing wrong with the concept, but where the problem lies is the lack of detail given to fiction writers.

As creative writers, our ideas pool is not as tiny as the residue of water left on the sink after doing the dishes. Quite the opposite. Our ideas pools are as enormous as dams.

The human brain is thinking every second of the day and even throughout the night while we sleep. There’s the non-creative thinking like breathing, eating and walking. And there’s the creative thinking like what sort of mouth-watering morsel to eat? Or, do I need to walk, saunter, amble, run, sprint, or mosey along? And does the moment call for a dramatic sigh or heavy breathing?  
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