Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dear Teen Me

The concept of going back in time to change our lives is an interesting one. Would we really do it? Would we really try to alter who we are just to skip over the messy bits like puberty, crushes on boys we like, admiration from boys we don't, the anxiety of trying to sneak into a nightclub while underage, the first time we crashed the car, the parents separating? But there were good bits, too. Like, no plans for anything beyond the next few days, free rent and food, getting your first car, if you had a job it was all disposable income.  

I was fortunate enough to be included in this month's addition of Dear Teen Me. Here is link to the full letter on Dear Teen  Me. Below is an extract and a great photo of when I was 15. The clothes have changed but I seem to have a fondness still for messy hair.

Dear Teen Me
You have been called to the principal’s office. You’ve never been called to the principal’s office before. In fact, the only time you and he have ever exchanged words was that one time in the playground when he said “Can you please stop feeding the stray dogs?” and you replied “But they’re hungry and I don’t even like my sandwiches”. As you sit outside his office your heart swells with pride. Only the very best academic students from Year 10 have been called for a private chat with the principal. But soon your little bubble will be burst because he will ask you “What you plan to do after you complete your Year 10 exams?” ... read more

Adult Deb
Young Deb

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  1. The young Deb is the Deb I knew. Cheers lovey and congratulations on everything!
    Deb Cashion (Jones)