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What teenagers need to know about photography

Mark Seabury is a photography with a real eye for colour. His photos are absolutely amazing. Mark lives on the Australian east coast, more specially the northern beaches of NSW, and he says on his website: “I understand that as life goes by, our most enduring treasures are our memories and I hope to capture as many of these special moments as I possibly can.” Mark has won awards and his photos feature in magazines and more recently the above photo features of "Australia's" Facebook page on their Australia Day album. It is my pleasure today to invite Mark in for a virtual coffee chat.
InterestTeen: Weddings seem to be a staple part of any photographer’s portfolio. Would you say suggest to any teenager wanting a career in photography that they should learn wedding photography?

Mark Seabury: Wedding photography is challenging and rewarding, lots of skills are needed and lots can be gained from shooting weddings. It's not everyone's cup of tea but I would recommend every photographer at least give it a go.
InterestTeen: Are there professional courses a teenager can take in order to hone a hidden talent? Or do you think it’s more the case of you either have the talent or you don’t?

Mark Seabury: There are some good workshops about. I think if you have a real passion for photography, you will be keen to learn and then your talent will evolve.

InterestTeen: Writers come in the employed and self employed varieties as I imagine photographers do too. Do you think for a starting our photographer there are better opportunities for being freelance or employed?

Mark Seabury: A good setup is to have a stable job and do photography on the side. This way you have a steady income as you build up your photography and then hopefully in the near future you make the switch and start to make a living out of doing what you love.

InterestTeen: Are there any legal issues that teenagers should know about taking photographs? How mindful of culture and privacy do they need to be?

Mark Seabury: There are lots of issues here and being mindful is a good idea, balance is the key here.

InterestTeen: A writer knows they’re ready to be published when they continually receive positive rejection letters. Is this similar to submitting photographs to magazines or websites? Do you get a lot of rejection?

Mark Seabury: Yes rejection is a reality. Use it to your advantage, it's a good way of seeing what's in demand, what works and what doesn't. Keep plugging away and stay positive.

InterestTeen: Is there one thing in particular you would tell your teenage self about photography?

Mark Seabury: Read lots of photography magazines, look at influential photographs past and present, understand your camera, understand the rules of photography and know when to break them, travel, get out and shoot. Enjoy!

Want to learn more?:
For those budding photogrpahers who live in Sydney, Mark Seabury also runs a workshop comprising of two sessions:

Session one - a location shoot learning camera settings and shooting techniques.

Session two - Back at the studio learning all about downloading, software, editing and then printing and matting one of your photos to take home.

Contact details:
Mark Seabury Photography

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Just a reminder that these photos are subject to copyright. They are available to purchase or to licence by contacing Mark Seabury.

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