Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Commonly asked publishing questions

Ever since I announced to my family and friends that I was getting a book published the two most often asked questions have been:
Does the author do the artwork?
No. Publishers have a team of illustrators and artists just as they have a team of writers and editors. Besides, I could never have created anything as beautiful as the cover art for TBWTBW, by Eithne O Hanlon because I use words to tell the story and Eithne uses images. She's done an amazing job and I am forever grateful to her.
Did you have to pay to get your book published?
No. Etopia Press is a publisher of ebooks and I get paid royalties. And no, I don’t have to pay for editing or artwork either. This is the real deal. BTW - Authors who self publish have to do everything at their own cost.  I once had a guy go on and on about how he wanted to write a book one day and how he’d self publish it so he had total control of the project. I have to say that working with everyone at Etopia Press has been one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling moments of my life.

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