Thursday, 8 September 2011

If you love reading...

8 days till release of my debut YA paranormal novel The Bird With The BrokenWing!!! Send me an email if you need me to nag you and send you a personal invite on the day. You may get a free autographed postcard for your troubles.

Anyway,  I've been doing research for the release and I've come across some wonderful reading/book review sites worth a mention. Check them out if you love reading. You can sign up to their newsletters, enter contests, read reviews. There is a whole other world of books out there. In Australia we'd be lucky to get 10% of what's on offer on the bookshelves. These sites are also great if you're a YA writer looking for a place to get your book reviewed.

I love the artwork on the Bitten by Books website. As far as content goes it covers reviews, giveaways, author services, and their community forum The Blood Bank. This website is totally geared towards fans of paranormal and is one of my personal faves.

The great thing about this site is their Ultimate Reading List. Close to 400 titles that they believe are perfect choices for reading and discussing. They looked at the student reading list for schools and decided there were better books than what was listed. They review all genres of YA books.

Another website aimed at paranormal YA fiction. With over 2,600 followers it's proof that paranormal fiction is a sought after genre! Loads of reviews, interviews, totally sexy covers and giveaways. Another of my personal faves.

Almost 3,000 followers to this site. Features all genres of YA and adult reading. Authors can submit books for review, interviews, reviews, giveaways. A huge fan of dogs so it's got to be a good friend to readers and writers alike.

While we're on the subject of dogs, here is my pooch Teeka. Whenever I need a break from writing and I need to think through a plot, Teeka is ever willing to come for a walk with me. I clear my head. She clears her bladder. What a team.

Quote of the week: "Some day I shall be President." Abraham Lincoln.

Go forth and chase your dreams. I did and look where it got me.

Till next time.
D L Richardson

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  1. Thanks for posting a great list! Teeka is so cute. I can see she is the best kind of writing buddy. :)