Monday, 23 July 2012

Inspirational ideas for writing

I'm often asked where I get my inspiration from for writing my novels. One source is newspapers.

I recently picked up a stack of old newspapers to use in the gardend for mulching, however, before I dispose of the newspapers I will hungrily devour every headline to find ones that excites and inspire me.

As a writer, I often see a headline which can spark an idea. Then I fan this idea until it becomes my story.

Here are some examples of news stories that could spark ideas which could be spun and twisted into novel plots.

Hitman' SMS causes panic across Australia. Message tells Aussies they will die if they do not pay $5k.

Teens panic as thick fog fills Hollywood club. Teens inside a Hollywood club began screaming and panicking when a fog machine malfunctioned at the weekend.

Report details claims of doctors' killings. A report into Queensland's medical complaints process has turned up allegations of deliberate killings by doctors and attempts to cover them up.

A pack of hyenas killed two children and injured six other members of a family when the beasts attacked in the middle of the night.

One way to turn current event stories into fictional plots is to mash the stories up. 

Patrons in a nightclub receive text messages telling them they are going to die before the night if over.

Now the writer asks themselves, who wants everyone dead and why?

Another way  to turn a news headline into a story plot is to change the genre or age group or even the subject.

A report into Queensland's computer software complaints process has turned up allegations of deliberate hackings by teenagers and attempts to cover them up.

Every writer receives their spark of inspiration in a different way. To some writers, any or all of the above may trigger another round of thoughts. But the common theme amongst all of these story ideas is why?

When you brainstorm over why any of these events happen, you have the basis of a story.

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