Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Ways in which a person may become a vampire

We all know what a vampire is. But how does a person become a vampire?
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Transformation can take place during different stage of a person's life. During birth, life, and death.
During birth, ways include:
being born at a certain time of the year  - a new moon on a holy day is a winner
being born with teeth or an extra nipple
beng born the seventh son of the seventh son
if a vampire stares at a pregnant woman
if the mother doesn't eat enough salt during the pregnancy
During life, ways include:
practicing sorcery or withcraft
eating a sheep killed by a vampire
developing a taste for human blood for no good reason
living an immoral life
commiting suicide
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During death, ways include:
 dying at the hands of a vampire
a shadow falls on the corpse
a candle is passed over the corpse
a cat jumps over the corpse
being violently killed
dying from drowning
being buried face up in a grave, but only in certain parts of Romania is this a problem
not being buried properly or not having the rites adminstered properly
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