Thursday, 6 December 2012

Santa Please Stop Here

It seems that the wish list for Christmas gifts this year is filled with things that gotta be digital, gotta be interactive, and gotta be technological.

Let's look at some of the most popular gift ideas that teens are asking their parents for this Christmas.

Rachel Flesher (mother) says: "Depends on the teen. My fourteen year old wants a PSVita, video games, anime. Gadgets so to speak."


Comes with inbuilt internet which allows you access anytime, as well as keeps you connected to your network and Facebook friends.

Team this gift request up with:
Games  - most popular is Spy Hunter. Turn your PS Vita into a secret agent's most valuable weapon.


Video Games
There are too many to list and to choose from. Game trailer is a good place to check out the latest and greatest

Team this gift request up with:
Munchies - hang that stocking and hope it gets filled with all your faves. As long as it's only once a year you spoil yourself, that is. And invite your friends so you can share the sugar.


The popularity of Asian cartoons increases every year. AnimCrazy is a site where you can download movies Watch Anime shows, Anime episodes, and Anime movies all for free. Our favourite Anime cartoon is Sailor Moon.

Team this gift request up with:
Headphones so you don't drive everyone crazy when you sing the theme songs.


Gloria Santos (Mother of 4) says "Most interactive electronic devices. Mobile phone, camera, game consoles."

Digital camera
Teens still want to take their own photos. And its a great time to capture your life. They're as cheap or as expensive as you want them to be. Some take good video footage, some are better for handling sporting activities, some are water resistant. There are hundreds to choose from and you can buy them anywhere.

Team this gift request up with:
Cool carry case - something that will protect the camera and your photos.
Printer - some printers can print photos straight from the camera's memory card.


Tracey Swat (mother) says "Beat headphones in my house."

Beats headphones
Called Beats because they're made to a take a beating, they're cool, they're colorful, they're almost impossible to break, they can switch easily between songs and phone calls, and the Beats Solo HD headphones are the only Beats by Dr. Dre that come with not one, but two speakers inside each can.

Team this gift request up with:
Clothes - you'll want new threads if you're listening to the cool tones Dr Dre intended your ear to hear


Courtney Grace (13 years old) says "Mum made a list so we could give her ideas.... Mine is half the page long... But hey mum shouldn't leave all these toy & electronic magazines out!!

The latest phone
Doesn't matter if the cell or mobile phone you have isn't broken, you want a new one anyway. It seems like its a secret rule that manufacturing companies are privvy to because they're never shy on banging out the latest, the greatest, the whizz-bangiest models.

Team this gift request up with:
Instagram - this software device allows photos to instantly upload to Facebook, etc.
Cool carry case - you can buy covers to protect the phone but if you're the type who throws everything into a gym bag, you might want to ask for a soft cover, like the ones they have for digital cameras.

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