Monday, 3 December 2012

The Magic of Making Up

People meet people every minute of every day. And most people make an effort to get along with the people they meet every day. Sharing our lives with others is what makes us human, as relationships are a fundamental building block of society. That is why everyone needs to understand the magic of making up. Good times and bad times are part of home life and a social life. Without relationships there would be minimal human interaction, less trade of goods, and far less opportunities for human development all round.

Two reasons why people spend effort and time on relationships are emotional and practical. Humans need each other. So when a relationship starts to break, it is important that it be mended. Many movies, books, and songs are written about the good times and bad times. Anyone on the precipice of a bad time might be consumed with thoughts of the good times. They might wonder where they went. They might long for things to be the way they were. All relationships take effort to build, and it takes effort to also mend.

People might consider why they connected in the first place, and think about what they might lose if they do nothing to reconnect. Couples provide love, companionship, support. However, they are not the only relationships. People interact with other people everywhere, at school, at the office, at the supermarket.
Too often the emphasis is placed on treating people we meet casually over the people we love the most. It is always a good idea to talk. And while talking is part of human nature as much as forming relationships is, talking to the wrong people can lead to further cracks in the relationship. Releasing frustration is one thing. Listening to bad advice from the bitter lady who loves to gossip is something that should be avoided. Making up with a loved one is a great opportunity to recreate those first moments together. This could be a great chance to go out to a fancy restaurant or go away for that special weekend.

Chances are the foundations were starting to crumble at home, so by taking the making up session away from the home, the discussions remain on neutral territory. This applies to any relationship. Discussions with a friend or family should be done where neither party has the upper hand. Magic happens but only when it is created. Magicians carry their secrets around for when they need to perform on the spur of the moment.

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