Thursday, 9 August 2012

Top tales of intrigue

As a writer of fiction it's important that I believe anything is possible (not neccesarily a sought after trait for jury duty but when it comes to creative writing it's a must).

I have always been fascinated with stories of espionage, spies, and conspiracy theories.

So here is a list of ten tales of intrigue in no particular order.

1. Novel - The Spy who Came in from the cold (John le Carre). I read this and fell in love with spy stories and all of le Carre's works.
2. Novel - Stormbreaker (Anthony- Horowtiz) - The first book in the Alex Rider series

3. Novel - The Day of the Jackal (Frederick Forsyth) - read it a long time ago but it sticks in my mind as a great classic
4. Movie - Casino Royale. I love James Bond movies and this one is especially good as it stars Daniel Craig
5. Novel - Watchers (Dean Koontz) - a lot of earlier Koontz novels were wrapped in conspiracy theories, like Watchers, Phantoms, Strangers
6. Movie - Salt. What can I say, I like Angelina Jolie as a bad-ass spy with a grudge

7. Movie - The Bourne series - action packed and interwoven plots
8. Novel - Not a Penny Less, Not a Peny More (Jeffrey Archer) - a wonderful tale of plotting and revenge
9. Movie - The Tourist - what can I say, I like Johnny Depp

10.Novel - The Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) - I know this created a lot of hype, both good and bad, but it was a good read.

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