Monday, 15 October 2012

Blogger feature - D L Richardson interviews Books With Bite

It's equally important for authors to get to know the bloggers who review our books. Reviewing on blogs is generally unpaid work, unless the blog has means of advertising to bring in revenue and even then I imagine it's not enough to quit the day job. Bloggers, like most writers, often hold day jobs, have families, and they, like writers, pour their heart and soul into their project way into the night. There are thousands of people who run blogs and write reviews simply because they love books . I salute these industrious bloggers - I have a blog and barely get time to post things.

So, in order for readers to get to know these wonderful people from behind the scenes, I have asked a few bloggers what they hope to achieve from creating and maintaining blogs.

Today I feature Andreea Pop who blogs on Books With Bite.
D L Richardson asks Andreaa from Books With Bite: What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Is it to one day become an author yourself, just for fun, maybe get some online attention, or maybe something very different?

Andreea from Books With Bite replies:
The blog I'm writing for isn't just mine -- one of my beloved colleagues from Books With Bite, who started the whole page, actually asked me into joining her team. She knew me from the comments on the blog and my respect and support for it. I loved reading Fantasy YA books and Contemporary Fiction novels, so I said to myself: why not give it a shot? I will be forever grateful to her for introducing me into this fun world. :) And that's how my blogging routine started: I began writing posts -- big ones at first, because I was beyond excited --, making reviews (and everyone keeps asking for more) and, for the love of all things holy, speaking to authors. THAT was and still is amazing, hands down the best thing about blogging. I mean...hmph... well, speaking to the genius minds behind my favorite books? Books I've became ivolved with, that have a special place in my heart and that I'll always cherish? Trust me, that's a new level of awesomeness. I'm jumping up and down whenever they respond to my emails; and when they give something signed for the blog events or for me?? Let just say my neighbours know the rhythm of Andreea's happy dance. *grins* So I don't really expect to accomplish something with my blog -- maybe just obsessing some of our followers over swoon-worthy stories or drool-worthy characters. But as long as someone's letting me post about my favorite books, I'm good, happy and satisfied. As for the author dream? Hell yeah, I have it! Nothing too serious -- yet -- but who knows where life takes me? I'll let it rock'n'roll by itself.

Thanks, Debbie, for including me in your post! Your attention triggered the well-known happy dance! *winks*

D L Richardson says: Thanks Andreea for letting us into your space. If you would like to follow Books With Bite via their blog and Facebook, here are the links.

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