Saturday, 13 October 2012

Blogger Feature - D L Richardson interviews Alli's Nook

It's equally important for authors to get to know the bloggers who review our books. Reviewing on blogs is generally unpaid work, unless the blog has means of advertising to bring in revenue and even then I imagine it's not enough to quit the day job. Bloggers, like most writers, often hold day jobs, have families, and they, like writers, pour their heart and soul into their project way into the night. There are thousands of people who run blogs and write reviews simply because they love books . I salute these industrious bloggers - I have a blog and barely get time to post things.

So, in order for readers to get to know these wonderful people from behind the scenes, I have asked a few bloggers what they hope to achieve from creating and maintaining blogs.

Today I feature Allison Medina who runs Alli's Nook. Alli is new to the blogging world.

D L Richardson asks Allison from Allison's Nook: What do you hope to accomplish with your blog? Is it to one day become an author yourself, just for fun, maybe get some online attention, or maybe something very different?

Allison's Book Nook replies: Funny story on why I began to blog. I have always loved reading. In a way I like collecting books. I love looking at them and I love reading them. At the time a book that is part of a series was coming out, The Tiger’s Destiny. I began to follow the fan page on Facebook. I noticed that there were bloggers who did giveaways and interviews. I have never seen this before and noticed there were so many! These people were meeting authors, a dream come true! That is when I decided to make one.  I wanted to meet the people that have accomplished writing a book. I wanted to meet the people who created the books that I have always called my friends. These stories have always kept me company when I was lonely, bored, and sad.
At first I had trouble getting authors to believe that I was doing this because I wanted to and I was not a scammer. I had nothing on there so I understand why they would believe that. I reviewed some of the books I had already read. I began to meet bloggers, attend events on Facebook, and that was when I met Indie authors. My list of books to review began to grow. These authors have some amazing stories that I couldn’t believe people didn’t know about. I wanted the world to know about these books, they deserved to be known. I became determined to help.

About becoming an author, I would really love to be one. I have always loved to write and I am pretty good at it, the problem is that I am shy. When my friends want to read my short stories I freeze. There are two mini clips on my blog which was a little push to become comfortable with people reading my stories. One day though, my book will be published.

I think that making the blog was the best choice I have ever made. I am meeting authors, owners of publishing companies, very talented artists, and bloggers. We all have something in common, the passion for reading.  By meeting these people, I have become inspired to write and not give up.

D L Richardson says: Thanks Alli for letting us into your space. If you would like to follow Alli's Nook via blog and Facebook, here are the links.

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