Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Jean Book Nerd interview with D L Richardson

It is my pleasure today to share my interview/review and giveaway posted on Jean Book Nerd today. Jean Book Nerd has a very engaging community of readers. The post only went up and a few minutes later they were connecting with me and over 1,200 fans have signed up for the giveaway.
Read the interview and find out why growing up, I had a soft spot for stray dogs and boys that asked me out.

Here's a snippet. from the interview ..

What is the best piece of advice you ever received from another author?
Keep writing. Even in the down times, write a song, play the piano or guitar, stay creative.
Jean Book Nerd is also doing a giveaway of ebook, postcards and other swag items.

Jean has also posted a great review of The Bird With The Broken Wing, which you can read in the same post.

Here's a snippet of the review...

"...This is truly a beautiful and inspirational story about three characters who are trying to find their way. It has a great story plot with a really strong character, Jet, who readers will find very interesting and fun. There are plenty of twists and suspense to keep interests levels at high and closes with ending that will lead readers urging to find out what is next in line for these amazing characters. The Bird with the Broken Wing is an emotionally-driven story that brings real life situations and spices it up with dark elements..."

Thank you very much to Jean Book Nerd for their amazing support.

"Word of mouth is the best form of advertising an author can get." Keri Arthur, author of dark urban fantasy.

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