Sunday, 18 November 2012

Chocolate Heaven Cake

Bella Santos of Bidwill NSW Australia has provided this really easy recipe for Chocolate Heaven Cake.
Yummo. I can't wait to make this cake.


 Bella says, "'s pree simple just a normal baked cake , icing , Kit Kats and M&Ms..."

 You can use any store bought chocolate cake packet mix and it's as simple as decorating the outside using icing sugar to stick the Kit Kat pieces to the outside of the cake. Just follow the directions on the packets to make the cake and icing.
If you don't fancy baking, why not buy a plain, un-iced sponge cake and dress it up.
If you want to do something really, really different, try decorating a store-bought ice cream cake but be quick before it melts!

For providing InterestTeen with this so simple its'not funny recipe Bella wins this prize pack. Congrats Bella!

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