Friday, 23 November 2012

Dress up your bedroom - Hollywood style

Getting the Hollywood look in your bedroom is rather easy. It's all about contrast - darks brows and blacks and varying shades of whites and creams. Why? Hollywood began in the black and white era and its this era that many decorators still claim is the Hollywood look.

Hollywood started out as an idea in 1853 and by 1900 the region had a post office, newspaper, hotel, and a population of over 100,000. The famous Hollywood Hotel was built in 1902. By 1912 most major film companies had set up production facilities in Souther California or in Los Angeles,  becuuse of the location's proximity to Mexico and its year round good weather.

To capture the Hollywood look, think glamor, confidence, fame and fortune.

Confidence - by mixing modern and antique and displaying the things you love, you'll exude the confidence of movie stars. 

Glamor - decorate your room with feathers, faux furs, crystals, glitter, shiny objects, fringes, glass, and mirror.

Fame - achieve this by framing features already in the room with bold lines, stripes, and putting dark browns and blacks against white backdops. If the black and white look is too stark, add a few pieces in bold color. If you want to create a quiet haven, contrast white on black instead of black on white.

(Photo) this room is decorated in black and silver with deep purple soft furnishing to create elegance.

Here are some ideas you can use to get the Hollywood look in your bedroom:

Animal print cushions and throw rugs - stores such as Kmart and Target have these at a reasonable price.

Faux crystal lamp shades - you can buy crystals at a local haberdashery stores and glue them to an existing or cheap lampstade, just be sure not to cover the light globe.

If you can paint your furniture, do so in an off white color. You can rub wax over the surface and the paint won't adhere to it which will give it an aged look. Or you can sand the paint afterward. The thing that makes this cheap is that you don't have to have matching furniture, by using the same color you'll tie the pieces in.

Paint mirrors, photo frames, bedside tables, dressers. You can then decorate with black and silver objects, use white sheets for the bed and windows, and create the contrast look with black pillowcases.

Buy or print pictures of movie stars from a bygone era and frame them. What makes this cheap is that the pictures don't even need to be printed in color. In fact, there probably aren't a great deal of color pictures of many of the old movie stars.

Screens - many old movies features scenes where the character slipped behind a screen to get changed. Youmight be able to find an old frame at a rummage sale and you can use fabric or striped paper to transform it into a screen.

Guys can get the Hollywood look by toning everything down and sticking with the basics - black and white.

And sometimes it only takes one item such as this leopard print seat to transform any room into the scene of a Hollywood movie.

Other things TO DO to create the Hollywood look:

Animal print is big, big, big!
Ferns and palms are another item popular in old Hollywood movies.
Peacock feathers can be cheap to buy and a few  of these in a vase is all it takes to create glamor.
Musical instruments hanging on walls tells people you have it becaase you want it, not because you can play it. 

Things to AVOID when creating your Hollywood bedroom:

the natural timber look
sunflowers or any other 'country' look
Hollywood was big on African and Egyptian artifacts, limit these pieces to just a few



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