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InterestTeen interviews YA author Brinda Berry


InterestTeen: Writers are often asked if they have total control over their character’s behaviors. Is this the case with Austin and Regulus? Do you aim to have them ‘play nicely’ but then their personalities take over and they just wanna fight? Can you explain how your characters take on a life of their own.

 Brinda Berry: I always have an outline of what happens in each chapter of a story, but some characters really do take over. Austin has such a vibrant personality. He won't stay meekly in the background when I've planned to put the spotlight on someone else. Regulus, on the other hand, is unintentionally magnetic. He's quiet and self-assured. It's no wonder that they clash. I have little control once they begin talking to one another.

InterestTeen:  As a writer of teen fiction, have you started getting into other areas of multi-media. I know you’re an expert on the book trailer, and I could see The Whispering Woods series as an interactive game. There’s a portal into another world that I’m dying to get an in depth look at. If money was no object, do you dream of doing something like that? Or do you have other multi-media ideas?

 Brinda Berry: I'd love to see a game developer turn this world into a fantastic RPG.  I also think it would be terrific in graphic novel format. Thanks for the compliment on the book trailer. I really have fun with them.

InterestTeen:  What is the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten.

Brinda Berry:  I am always willing to try new foods. The weirdest for me would be dried squid as an appetizer. 

InterestTeen:  I take it your fans have been eagerly awaiting the print release. How has having the books in print changed you, if at all.

 Brinda Berry: I think there will always be a few readers who prefer print books.  Releasing my books in print  also adds accessibility to students who don't own electronic readers. I have two school visits planned next month with book clubs who are reading The Waiting Booth.

InterestTeen:   I know you have Cairn Terriers, and I believe you take part in rehousing Cairn Terriers, is that right? How did that begin and what is the motivation behind it?

Brinda Berry: In the past,  I volunteered with a national rescue organization for Cairn Terriers. I'm not currently a foster home for rescues, but I would love to do that in the future.  We purchased our two Cairn Terriers from breeders before I became aware of rescue opportunities.  Both dogs have given our family so much love. The breed is feisty, fun, and loving. 

InterestTeen:  You’re currently working on Book Three of The Whispering Woods series. How is that coming along? Will this one be the last? And will Regulus remember Mia (nail biting edge of the seat plot development).

 Brinda Berry: The third book in the series is The Wish Keeper.  I'm still working on it.  I find myself measuring against a higher standard every time I write a book. I do plan for this to be the last.  Sorry, I can't disclose any plot secrets.

InterestTeen:  Is there anything else you want to tell the readers? Tips on writing, being good to your parents, dog rescue, absolutely anything you want to contribute is welcomed.

 Brinda Berry: Enjoy every single day of your life.  It could mean giving back to others, writing the novel you've dreamed of, or simply reading a great book. It also means that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff (like bad hair days). 

The Waiting Booth by Brinda Berry

I started reading "The Waiting Booth" and found I couldn’t put it down. Brinda has a nice, steady pace to her writing that keeps the pages turning and the excitement mounting. The suspense was well done. Throughout the book I knew there was someone I couldn’t trust, but I didn’t know who till the very end, which left me nicely surprised.

Book One introduces Mia, an independent girl who already has enough drama in her life, yet she attracts more when she accidentally discovers an interdimensional portal. Her brother is missing and travellers from this portal lure her into helping them find the bad guys by promising to help her find her missing brother. Along the way Mia is thrust head first into more than one dangerous situation. I found myself rooting for her to come out of these experiences unscathed because she is an easy to like character and I became slightly protective of her. There is more to come on “The Waiting Booth” story and I look forward to reading about Mia’s attempt to track down her brother when Brinda’s second book in the series is released.


Whisper Of Memory by Brinda Berry
"Whisper Of Memory" picks up right where "The Waiting Booth" finishes and we enter a world of paranormal activity and special ops training. The characters go off to a ghost sighting because they believe it is the location of a portal and this section was really interesting. There was a paranormal investigator in the group and I thought, wow what a great job to be a parnormal invetisgator.

In Book Two we learn more about why Mia's mum abandoned her and her missing brother. We learn more of the conspiracies behind the two worlds. This book ends with Mia getting a taste of the cruel aspects to the spy business - but I can't reveal the spoiler. I look forward to the final instalment. Will Regulus and Mia survive as a couple? Will Mia  find her brother? Will she forgive her mother? Will Tiny and Em get together? But I can't helping feeling sorry for poor Austin and Arizona - two guys who love girls who love someone else. What's in store for them?


BIO: Brinda lives in the southern US with her family and two spunky cairn terriers. She’s terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.


  1. Dried Squid. Ewe. I'm totally skeeved. I think playing a book on a videao game would be awesome!

    1. I agree a book on a video game would be awesome. Fingers crossed.

    2. I must admit that I have some dried squid (in an unopened package) in my cupboard right now. It's really not bad.

  2. It's great seeing Brinda here, although the dried squid made me lose my appetite. ;)

    1. I plan to feature more YA authors in the near future. I wonder what other weird foods they'll have to tell us about.

    2. It's very salty and chewy.